We offer comprehensive real estate sales and rental services in the United Arab Emirates, especially in the Rash Al Khaimah and Dubai emirates. We focus on clients in Europe, the UK and the US.


Our company Aran Yacht Investment is a contractual partner of the largest developers in the emirate of Rash Al Khaimah – RAK Properties and AL HAMRA – for Europe and the world. The process of acquiring real estate in the United Arab Emirates has its own procedures and legislative framework.

Thanks to our services, you will quickly find out how to proceed when buying real estate. We will acquaint you with the advantages, disadvantages and point out important details. One of the biggest investment benefits is the Payment Plan – the possibility of paying the price in fixed installments.

For example, a payment plan can be 5-year (currently applies to already built Hayat Island and Al Hamra properties),
7-year for construction properties (such as Gateway Residences 2 and Northbay).
The installments, their amount and due date are always set in advance.

Feel free to contact us for more information, brochures and a sample Payment Plans.


We provide short-term and long-term rental properties, according to the client’s needs, and on the basis of a lease agreement. We rent real estate fully furnished with furniture and complete equipment. If interested, we will also provide clients with a garden and areas around the pool.

Consulting Services

Based on our experience, we can fully provide advice on the sale and purchase of real estate for citizens from around the world. Each country from which the client comes has its own specifics. Likewise, the United Arab Emirates itself has its own access and conditions when acquiring real estate in a given territory. . In both countries of the client, the requisites for the acquisition of property should be ensured so that the client does not incur risks, but on the contrary, so that the client derives as much benefits and benefits from the purchase or rental of real estate. Trade relations in the United Arab Emirates are transparent and dynamic, and lengthy delays are not common in official matters.

Residence visas

Since 2022, the Emirate of Rash Al Khaiman has been providing up to a 10-year “GOLDEN VISA” program for the purchase of selected properties, which enables the use of the post-covid potential of the RAK Emirate site and its wide business opportunities.

In the event that the selected properties do not offer a visa program, our company Aran Yacht Investment will arrange all necessary visas in cooperation with the client, whether for residence, work or business.

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